How It Works

The National Review chooses the best in Law Firms and Attorneys based on these select criteria:

  • Nominations are selected based on best in online standards & practices.
  • Nominees must exhibit Ethical Online Behavior & show Good Peer or Client reviews.
  • Business website listings must deserve to come up in Online Search Results.
  • Should hold a 4/5 or higher in Client Satisfaction Reviews.
  • Must abide by other Review Standards and Ethics Committee Requirements displaying correct disclaimers when necessary.
  • Must have excellent Client and/or Peer reviews. These will be verified for accuracy when applicable.
  • Must have a Positive & Informative online customer-facing (public) presence: Websites and Social channels.
  • Must show Quality in contributions made online.
  • Must show Thought Leadership.
  • Must retain online Search relevance.
  • Must be approved by The National Review Board of Governors.

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Disclaimers & Conditions:

The National Review reserves the right, based on its review system as noted above, to include or not include and Law Firm or Attorney at any time. We are a consumer-to-consumer service provider. Please note that depending on the State and area of expertise, listings are limited. Check our The National Review individual area and state listings for specific limitations.

The National Review reconsiders and reviews criteria of listings regularly. Conditions change. New attorneys, new law firms are created every day. Our listings are created to be as fair as possible to peers, clients and those considering an attorney or firm. We also understand that legal cases require opposing parties. If every client, every case was agreed upon law firms and attorneys would not be needed. We will consider negative reviews or emails suggesting incorrect considerations. We will address each concern in the unique and personal manner in which it entails.